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It's the internet age. Why is "obscure" genius still a thing?

Ideamarket replaces corporate media as the arbiter of public credibility, and gives creators a new income stream based on trust.

Buy and sell account tokens

Buy account tokens to vote on the "attentionworthiness" of that account, and sell to revoke your vote.

The first 1,000 tokens for each listing cost $0.10 each. Token price automatically increases by $0.01 for each 100 tokens bought afterward, managed by a bonding curve algorithm.

Add your account and earn interest

You can list anyone's account (even @elonmusk), as long as it's not already listed. If you add an account owned by someone else, interest will accrue to their wallet after a purchase, and they can claim it anytime.

Money spent on tokens is held in, a decentralized lending protocol. Compound lends these deposits to borrowers, who pay interest (usually 1-10% annually).

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Claim interest

All interest generated by token deposits is paid to the owner of the associated social media account. The owner of the account can verify their account and claim the interest.

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Meet our team

  • Mike Elias

    Founder and CEO

    Mike was Head of Business Development (and the first employee) at Global Liquidity, a startup building 3D trading interfaces, funded by Blocktower Capital and Mike is also a musician and psychology writer with several guest posts on Ribbonfarm.

  • Alexander Schlindwein

    CTO and Chief Architect

    Alexander has been developing Ethereum smart contracts for over 4 years. He built MakerAuctions, contributed to rDAI, and claimed one the largest bug bounties in the history of Ethereum.

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